Here are the prices for labor.
Description Price
Full Day Ride Support for Your Event$1200.00
Bike Pickup and Drop Off (customer house call)$120.00
Basic Tune Up$160.00
Advanced Tune Up$300.00
Comprehensive Tune Up - Road Bike without hydraulic brakes$450.00
Comprehensive Tune Up - Rigid Mountain Bike$500.00
Comprehensive Tune Up - Dual Suspension Bike$600.00
Comprehensive Tune Up Lite - Road Bike$400.00
Comprehensive Tune Up Lite - Ridgid Mountain Bike$450.00
Comprehensive Tune Up Lite - Dual Suspension Bike$550.00
Custom Services
Fork - Suspension, service$125.00
Shock - Rear, basic service$65.00
Brake - Disc - Hydraulic, bleeding$45.00
Tire - Sealant adding, per wheel$5.00
Tire - Tubeless, installation$25.00
Tire - Tubular, installation$40.00
Drivetrain, detailed cleaning$100.00
Spoke - break repair and trueing$40.00
Wheel, trueing$35.00
Wheel, build$120.00
Frame Protector, installation$10.00
Fender Set, installation$50.00
Brake - Disc, adjustment$25.00
Brake - Rim, adjustment$25.00
Shifting adjustment$35.00
Replacement Services
Bracket - Bottom, replacement$50.00
Bracket - Bottom, replacement w/ crank set replacement$50.00
Brake - Disc, replacement w/ hydraulic system bleed$70.00
Brake - Rim, replacement$25.00
Brake Pads - Disc, replacement$25.00
Brake Pads - Rim, replacement and adjustment$25.00
Chain, replacement; without adjust shifting$15.00
Crank Set, replacement$40.00
Derailleur - Rear, replacement; with adjust shifting$40.00
Fork, replacement (including headset and brake adjustment)$75.00
Hub - Front, service and bearing replacement$50.00
Hub - Rear, service and bearing replacement$60.00
Grips - Flat Handlebar, replacement$15.00
Handlebar - Flat, replacement$20.00
Headset, replacement$50.00
Saddle, replacement$15.00
Seat post, replacement$15.00
Shifter, replacement - Front or Rear$50.00
Brake Lever, replacement$25.00
Tire - Replacement for tubeless setup, per wheel$25.00
Wheel - Front, replacement$50.00
Wheel - Rear, replacement$70.00